Software Engineer

About Me

Audio Engineer and classically-trained musician turned Software Engineer, I strive to put the same amount of precision and passion into every line of code I write. I am not satisfied until I have tested the limits and exceded expectations as I believe there is no such thing as over-delivering on a project. I thrive on learning new things and improving myself as well as sharing those lessons with others.

Skills, languages, and frameworks

I started my journey in object-oriented Java and was instantly hooked. Here are some of my other proficiencies:

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Vue.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git, GitHub
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Java

My verbal languages include English, German, and Spanish. I am also experienced with Adobe Creative Suite, Pro Tools, Logic, and Wwise.

Past Projects

GigSpace is a fullstack web application I designed to facilitate networking for musical artists. Users can find other local artists to connect with via a live feed of posts, can curate public artist profiles, and utilizes direct artist-to-artist messaging for the majority of communication.

GigSpace - Front End

Built using Vue.js. Examples shown display the homepage with navbar, an artist page that showcases implementation with Bandcamp, and a sample of the messaging functionality I created.

GigSpace - Backend

Built in a Ruby on Rails framework, GigSpace carefully stores and quickly recalls user-created data by its respective table and index from the PostgreSQL-based database.

Get in touch

Looking to connect? Feel free to find me at any of the given media links listed here, otherwise you can send me a direct message through the form below!